Jobs for Backpackers

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Many backpackers although trying to see as much of the world as they can on their limited budgets, will look for temporary work along the way to top up their sparse funds. As the backpacker does not usually know exactly where they will be many days in advance, it was obviously difficult for them to ask employers in advance if they needed any temporary workers. However, at the website jobs for backpackers in New Zealand are posted and so a backpacker need only arrive at a place, find an internet link and look at the site to find out if anywhere local needs temporary workers. Australia has a similar website and there it has turned out to be a great success as not only does it help backpackers to find suitable work but it also assists employers in filling any vacancies they may have, an advantage to everyone.

Of course the first backpacker, who is widely believed to be an Italian named Giovanni Francesco Gemelli Careri who did his travelling in the 17th century, did not know of the internet and nor did the hippies of the 1960s and 1970s who made backpacking popular by backpacking their way along the Old Silk Road to South East Asia. In those days of hippies and free love though, not so many backpackers were interested in working anyway, they would rather just set a commune where ever they happened to be when they ran out of money. Today though, many backpackers like to work but they also love to travel and see new places, it is just that they don’t always earn enough to see those places in the more traditional way as tourists. Of course the popularity and abundance of credit cards makes it easier for people to travel but although the average backpacker may have one, they would rather not use it unless absolutely necessary and so would rather find temporary employment than resort to using their plastic.

Although there are still many people that would love to go backpacking but are a little concerned about their safety, backpacking is becoming more and more popular every year and so in many of the countries where backpackers choose to go, are used to seeing them and they are not the rarity they once were. This means that they are usually treated in a friendlier manner than the first backpackers were and there are an increasing number of hostels opening especially to cater to backpackers. Obviously though, whatever country or countries you are planning to backpack in, you should try and learn as much about the country and its people before you set out and should also try to learn at least a few basic phrases in their language. Many of their habits may be different too, for example in New Zealand, flip flops which are called Jandals there, are the main footwear worn and are even allowed to be worn to nightclubs, something that isn’t seen in many other countries.