Unique Gifts

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When giving a gift most people would like to give something unique but often have trouble finding something, especially something which is both unique and appropriate for the occasion. One of the times when selecting an appropriate, unique gift is most difficult is when trying to decide what to give to a best man in appreciation of their role in a couple’s memorable day.

This is one task though, that since 2011, has become a lot easier thanks to the website www.bullets2bandages.org/collections/groomsmen-gifts. This is a website that has spent time creating unique gifts especially for a best man, saving you the trouble of pondering for hours yourself.

Founded by US Military veterans, some of their profits are donated to a military veteran’s charity and so when you give one of these gifts to a best man, you are also helping with a gift for a veteran.

The gifts are unique as they are mainly designed and created using spent military ammunitions, such as spent 0.50mm cartridges. These and similar items have been fashioned into bottle openers, cuff links, coasters, money clips and other similar items, all probably appropriate as gifts for a best man.

Although the gifts were designed with a best man in mind, some of them can be adapted for presentation as a gift for a bridesmaid. Many of these gifts are also appropriate gifts for a father on father’s day and so that has become one of the website’s busiest times.

Although these gifts are already somewhat unique, specific engraving or etching on the items makes them completely unique and ensures that they are something which will be a reminder of the occasion on which the gift was given. The personalization’s can include dates, event and names as requested, ensuring that they are once off gift, unique in every way.

Some bars, perhaps those that cater to a large number of veterans, showed an interest in these items and so now from the website, unique items for bars can also be bought. These items which can also be engraved or etched as requested, include beer pump handles, bar coasters, pint glasses, shot glasses and even whiskey bullets.

As each item bought also means an extra donation to a worthy veteran’s charity, most purchasers think that they are money well spent, especially as they often make great talking points on any occasion or in any bar.

It isn’t that a best man is particularly hard to find something suitable for but it is that you often want it to be something special that marks the day that they played a major role in your life and so finding something unique is often the problem.

With the gift also acting as a reminder of the event it is an added bonus, as is of course, the fact that you at the same time are helping a veteran’s charity. Unlike many unique gifts, most of these are also useful as well as being unique and can be very convenient on many occasions.